Jaroslav Tůma

Jaroslav Tůma: Moje vlast / Re-Imagining Smetana
organ improvisations on themes from the Cycle of Symphonic Poems “My Country” by Bedřich Smetana 

ARTA Records 2011, F10190

different organ instruments in Bohemia and Moravia
(Vyšehrad, Hejnice, Žlutice, Litoměřice, Kladruby, Zbraslav, Mikulov, Bezděz)

Johann Jakob Froberger: Clavichord Fantasias
capriccio, canzon, fantasia, suites, improvistaions

ARTA Records 2011, F10184

clavichords by Martin Kather from Hamburku

Musicae fons aureus
Czech organ concertos of the 18th century by Karel Blažej Kopřiva, Jan Václav Stamic & Jan Křtitel Vaňhal. 

ARTA Records 2010, F10191

Jaroslav Tůma – organ positive and regal from Vladimír Šlajch organ workshop
Hipocondria Ensemble – period instrument insemble

Astor Piazzolla: La Historia del Tango
Transcription (flute and harpsichord) of the famous Piazzolla work is added by his Oblivion (for flute and organ). The recording continues with Dance of the Furies (form the opera “Orpheus and Euridice”) by Christoph Willibald Gluck, Carnaval de Venise by Paul Agricole Genin, Sonata F sharp minor for the flute solo, Op 140 by Sigfrid Karg-Elert, ended by beautiful Ave Maria by Charlese Gounoda.

ARTA Records 2010, F10187

Yoshimi Oshima: flute, Jaroslav Tůma: harpsichord, organ positive

Johann Sebastian Bach
Sonata B minor for flute and harpsichord, Partita A minor for the flute solo, Sonata E minor for flute and organ, Suite C minor for flute and organ (originally written for the lute)

ARTA Records 2010, F10186

Yoshimi Oshima: flute, Jaroslav Tůma: organ positive, harpsichord

Cathedral Organ In Litoměřice
Important four manuals instrument was built by Gebrüder Jehmlich, the organ workshop from Dresden in 1941.

ARTA Records 2009, F10179    

Johann Sebastian Bach/Wilhelm Middelschulte, Franz Schmidt, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Marco Enrico Bossi, Fidelio Friedrich Finke, Jaroslav Tůma

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The Story Of The Plasy Organ
Famous organ works of the 17th century & the famous organ by Abraham Starck (1688), restored by Vladimír Šlajch (2006, Borovany)

ARTA Records 2009, F10157     *2CD & bonus CD

Georg Muffat, Johann Pachelbel, Johann Jacob Froberger, John Bull, William Byrd, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, Samuel Scheidt, Anthoni van Noordt, Matthias Weckmann, Johannes Brahms, Jaroslav Tůma

Svatá Hora New Choir Organ
Music for two keyboards, three or four hands and two, three and four feet
Karel Paukert & Jaroslav Tůma on the double positive by Vladimír Šlajch, Borovany, 2007)

ARTA Records 2008, F10174

Aurelio Bonelli (c. 1569 – 1620): Toccata Cleopatra à 8
anonymus (18. stol.): Concertino à due
Johann Ludwig Krebs (1713 – 1780): Koncert a moll
Josef Blance (1775 – 1811 nebo 1750 – 1841): Concerto de dos Organos
Johann Christoph Kellner (1736 – 1803): Quartetto [pro tři ruce a pedál], Fuga d moll
Ernst Friedrich Gäbler (1807 – 1893): Introdukce a fuga c moll, op. 10
Keral Paukert & Jaroslav Tůma: Rhythms and Colours – improvisation

Johann Sebastian Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavichord, BWV 846-893
clavichords by Martin Kather, Hamburg, 1997/1999

ARTA Records 2008, F10165     *4CD


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Finsterwalde and Sonnewalde

Sauer-Organ in Trinitatiskirche Finsterwalde (1908), Sauer-Positive in Trinitatiskirche Finsterwalde (1971), Voigt-Organ in Pfarrkirche Finsterwalde (2005), Schuke-Organ in Stadtkirche Sonnewalde (1910), Schrickel-Organ in Dorfkirche Breitenau (1881), Morgenstern-Organ in Dorfkirche Dollenchen (1826), Schröther-Organ in Dorfkirche Göllnitz (1853)

Harp / label Labium 2008

Theme: Dark and light - Sun and shadow
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750): Partite diverse sopra: Christ, der du bist der helle Tag BWV 766
Max Drischner (1891 - 1971): Sonnenhymnus - Passacaglia in E major
Karel Boleslav Jirák (1891 - 1972): Preludium and Fugue No.1
Luboš Sluka (*1928): Vigilie per organo
Bedřich Antonín Wiedermann (1883 - 1951): Notturno; Toccata and Fugue F minor; Moderato religioso from Ave Maria in A major, No.2
Jaroslav Tůma (*1956): Improvisation on „Herzlich tut mich verlangen“,
„Hinunter ist der Sonne Schein”, „Christus, du Sonne unsres Heils“, „Die helle Sonn leucht jetzt herfür“

Johann Sebastian Bach: Little Organ Book [Orgel-Büchlein] BWV 599-644
organ by Vladimír Šlajch (2004) in the church of st. Peter, Bruchsal

ARTA Records 2007, F10156

Nikdo před Bachem a patrně ani po něm nedosáhl tak vycizelovaného kompozičního mistrovství polyfonní prací s tématem i protivětou, současně ale i silného emočního účinku využitím prvků barokní tónové symboliky. Vzdechy bolesti, téma Kříže, Adamův pád, andělská křídla, strhující radost, to vše jsou atributy, které Bach dokonale včlenil do hudby logicky plynoucí, harmonicky bohaté a zároveň přirozeně znějící, povznášející i duchaplné.


Life with Harpsichord
The workshop of František Vyhnálek celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year, 2007
Giedré Lukšaité-Mrázková & Jaroslav Tůma - virginals & harpsichords

ARTA Records 2007, F10155     *2CD

For this recording, harpsichords have been chosen that would best represent both the diversity of kinds and the full range of sounds of instruments produced by the Hovorčovice workshop. The compositions have been arranged in a sequence of contrasting musical forms, moving through musical centres of Europe, from Elizabethan England to eighteenth-century Vienna. The second disc of this double CD is dedicated to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Janáček, Hindemith, Tůma
organ by Rieger, Ludgeřovice, 1931

ARTA Records 2006, F10147

LEOŠ JANÁČEK: Organ solo form Glogolitic Mass
PAUL HINDEMITH: Three sonatas for organ
JAROSLAV TŮMA: On an Overgrown Path – four improvisations on themes from Leoš Janáček’s collection of piano pieces

Antonín Rejcha: 36 Fugues for Fortepiano

ARTA Records 2006, F10146     *2CD

World premiere recording of the extraordinary collection of piano pieces on period instrument, the fortepiano by Anton Walter, built around 1790 in Vienna

Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations BWV 988
Two complete recordings on two different instruments in two alternative performances.

ARTA Records 2005, F10136     *2CD

All three instruments used in the recording were built by Martin Kather in Hamburg. An instrument built in 2004 and based on an original of 1761 by David Tannenberg, settled in Pennsylvania, was chosen as the lower manual for the pair of clavichords. On it stood a small instrument that is a copy (2002) of a clavichord of 1787 built by Christian Gottlob Hubert of Ansbach. The two-manual harpsichord completed in 2004 is a copy of a model by François Etienne Blanchet of 1733 in the depositary of the Château de Thoiry.

Joseph Haydn: The Seven Last Words of Christ
the keyboard version, 1787

PRAGA Digitals 2004, PRD/DSD 250196     *SACD

Jaroslav Tůma plays authentic keyboard version of Haydn's composition on the Paul McNulty fortepiano.

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Historic Organs of Bohemia (VI) – Praha, the church of St Simon and Jude – 1763

Supraphon 2001, SU 3551-2

The complete works for the organ by Jan Křtitel Kuchař (1751-1829), organist of the Strahov Premonstratensian monastery in Prague and great supporter and admirer of Mozart, were recorded in the church of St Simon and Jude at the Na Františku district of Prague with the organ built by Andreas Wambesser and restored in 2000 by Vladimír Šlajch. The recording is complemented with compositions by Joseph Hayden (1732-1809) and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) who, according to contemporary witnesses, had both visited the church to see the Wambesser organ.

out of print

Johann Sebastian Bach: The Art of the Fugue [Kunst der Fuge]

Supraphon 2000, SU 3439-2     *2CD

The sound of Bach's pivotal contrapuntal work flows out from the organ built in 1999 by Vladimír Šlajch for the Sacré Coeur convent church of the congregation of the sisters of the Blessed Sacrament in České Budějovice. The positive organ in the musical pieces for two instruments is played by Giedré Lukšaité-Mrázková.

out of print

Johann Sebastian Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Sonatas

PŘÍKRÝ LES 2000, 07003-2

Yoshimi Oshima - Flute, Jaroslav Tůma - Organ, Harpsichord, Petr Hejný - Violoncello. Cooperation of Japan Flute player and Czech interprets brings the selection of J.S. Bach and C.P.E. Bach Sonatas.

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Antonín Rejcha: Two Sonatas for Flute and Fortepiano, 4 Fugues for Fortepiano

ARTA Records 1999, F10096

Rejcha sonatas are performed by Yoshimi Oshima on flute and Jaroslav Tůma on fortepiano.

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Václav Jan Tomášek: Eclogues

ARTA Records 1999, F10086

The American Paul McNulty, maker of imitations of historic pianos, lives in the Czech town of Divišov. His replica of an instrument made by the Viennese Walter company in 1805 has been used by Jaroslav Tůma to record two piano cycles (Op. 35 and Op. 51) by the prominent composer of the pre-Smetana period,Václav Jan Tomášek (1774-1850), called the `Prague Musical Pope'.

out of print

Historic Organs of Bohemia (V) - Rychnov 1843

Supraphon 1999, SU 3403-2

The early Romantic organ placed in a unique Neo-gothic loft in the Holy Trinity church of the Rychnov nad Kněžnou chateau was built by Jiří Španiel. The recording contains the complete works for the organ by Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904), compositions by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (1809-1847) and by František Musil (1852-1908).

out of print

Historic Organs of Bohemia (IV) - the Kladruby monastery 1739

Supraphon 1998, SU 3355-2

The former Benedictine monastery in Kladruby, near the town of Stříbro, is a unique jewel of Baroque Gothic created by the architect Santini. Leopold Burkhart, a leading representative of the Loket organ-building school, constructed the loft for his organ according to Santini's design. The recording contains works by Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706) including the transcription for the organ of his popular Canon in D Major

out of print

Historic Organs of Bohemia (III) - Praha, the Municipal House 1912

Supraphon 1997, SU 3318-2

In 1912, the organ-builder Voit of Durlach constructed a modern three-manual organ with electro-pneumatic tracker action. The instrument located in the Smetana Hall of the Municipal House was restored with true reverence by the Vleugels company of Hardheim. Jaroslav Tůma performs the complete works for the organ by Vítězslav Novák (1870-1949) and Leoš Janáček (1854-1928).

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Johann Sebastian Bach: Inventions, Sinfonias, Duets BWV 772-805

ARTA Records 1997, F10076

The clavichord, an unjustly neglected instrument, seems ideal for the interpretation of many of Johann Sebastian Bach's (1685-1750) keyboard compositions. The recording on this CD is a performance using the clavichord made by Johann Christoph Georg Schiedmayer in 1789, which now is a part of the collection of the Žatec Regional Museum. The instrument was restored in 1996 by František Vyhnálek of Hovorčovice.

out of print

Historic Organs of Bohemia (II) – Cheb 1894

Supraphon 1996, SU 3175-2

The three-manual Romantic organ constructed by the Cheb organ-builder Martin Zauss is one of the few in Bohemia which is suitable for the interpretation of works of 19th century French composers. Besides compositions by César Franck (1822-1890) and Camille Saint-Saens (1836-1921), the CD contains two compositions by the Czech composer Josef Klička - the Concert Fantasia with the theme of the St Wenceslaus Chorale and the Concert Fantasia with the theme of the symphonic poem Vyšehrad by Bedřich Smetana.

out of print

Johann Sebastian Bach: Organ Mass
(Clavier-Ubung III)

Supraphon 1996, SU 3176-2

This important cycle of compositions for the organ by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) was recorded with the new organ of the St Joseph church in Traun near Linz in Austria, built in 1955 by Vladimír Šlajch of Borovany in the spirit of the Baroque tradition.

out of print

Historic Organs of Bohemia (I) - Doksy 1627

Supraphon 1995, SU 0065-2

A Renaissance-period organ from 1627 was used to record the works of Samuel Scheidt (1587-1654), Jan of Lublin (16th century), Jan P. Sweelinck (1562-1621) and others. The instrument built by an unknown organ-builder was reconstructed in 1994 by Vladimír Šlajch.

Jaroslav Tůma: Organ Improvisation

ARTA Records 1995, F10064

The CD offers eight organ improvisations performed on outstanding instruments by Jaroslav Tůma during concert tours in the Czech Republic, Italy, Japan, Germany and the USA. The themes of the improvisations were in most cases requested by the audience just before the start of the concerts.

out of print

Jaroslav Tůma: Organ Recital at Zlatá koruna

Supraphon, 11 0754-2

The complete works of Charles Luython (1556/7-1620) were recorded by Jaroslav Tůma in the former South Bohemian Cistercian monastery where the organ was built by Abraham Starck in 1699. The CD also contains compositions by Hans Leo Hassler (1562-1612) and Jacob Hassler (1569-1622). Charles Luython and Jacob Hassler were members of the circle of musicians and artists attached to the court of emperor Rudolph II.

out of print

Georg Muffat: Apparatus musico-organisticus (1690)

Panton 1990, 81 1016-2

The recording captures the sound of the more than 300-years old, unique organ of the Prague Týn church before its restoration in 2000 by the German Klais company. The organ was built in 1673 by Hans Heinrich Mundt of Cologne. Georg Muffat's (1653-1704) collection contains organ toccatas, which represent the most significant period synthesis of Italian, German and French trends in compositions for the organ.